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We are looking for the best people and creating strong teams for Turkish logistics companies


About us

International consulting company.


We provide personnel consulting solutions for logistics business: searching and hiring of personnel, training and development of specialists.


Working on the international market and meeting its standards provides our partners with the highest level of service quality. We guarantee a reliable employer for work in logistics and various opportunities for professional and personal development for every seeker.

Looking for the best people and building strong teams for international/ US logistics companies.


Logistics plays a crucial role in the modern economy. It affects infrastructure, roads and highways, airports, ports, railroads, and other industries; it guarantees the sustainability needed for the economy to grow.


Logistics companies stand firm against any crisis, and the industry is only growing by the day. Being employed in this field you will always have a stable job and income.

Benefits of working in international logistics

Our services 

Are you ready to plunge into the world of logistics? We offer the following services:


Logistics companies of our partners are actively developing while creating new opportunities for career development. They are opening new vacancies in different areas: event manager, sales, dispatcher, recruiter, system administrator, and HR manager.  

When searching for candidates, we rely on the passion for development and knowledge of English, which means that you have no limitations and barriers to start working in the field of international logistics.

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Even without experience, you have the chance to build a successful career. All you need is training. 

Our company has developed an author's training course, a fast entry into the field of international logistics. After successfully completing the course, you will receive a job offer. 

The training lasts 5-8 working days. 

Online or offline formats are possible.

Free of charge. Moreover, you receive a salary starting from the first day of training, as soon as you are employed.

An interactive program including theory and practice awaits you at the training.

Our customers

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Our customers are international logistics companies who have been on the market for more than 10 years and have established themselves as stable, reliable, and high-flyer partners. 

We have met the senior managers in person; we have personally checked jobs for future employees. Therefore, we can be certain that we are as responsible for the conditions of cooperation as the companies themselves.

Companies are geared to western standards of work. Thus, they respect personal boundaries, maintain work-life balance, and exclude any forms of discrimination. The employee is of the highest value, and there are all necessary conditions created for their efficient work.


Our partners in Turkey promote themselves as a progressive and environmentally friendly company. They kindly invite people with the same values to join the team.

About & Subscribe

Why you will enjoy working with us


Recruitment Process:

  1. Submit your application here 

  2. Our manager will contact you 

  3. You will come to the Job Interview 

  4. You will pass the tutorial 

  5. You will pass the meeting with our manager 

  6. Congratulations! You have been accepted for the job.

  7. You start getting Salary starting from your first day.

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